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Antifreeze / Coolant Service

Coolant Icon Depending on the type of antifreeze your vehicle uses, you should generally have the coolant changed every two years or 24,000 miles, which ever comes first. When changing the coolant, it is also a great time to replace bad system hoses. Leaking, brittle, spongy, cracked, or rotted hoses should be replaced before new antifreeze is installed, to prevent contamination and waste of coolant.

At Midas, we have a specially designed service to insure your engine stays cool. What we do:

  • Pressure test the radiator cap (should be checked at least 1 a year).
  • Pressure test the cooling system, using our state–of–the–art equipment.
  • Evacuate the old antifreeze/coolant.
  • Refill the system with the proper mixture of antifreeze/coolant as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer (one of the leading causes of engine cooling problems is the use of the wrong type of coolant).
  • Dispose of old antifreeze/coolant in an environmentally friendly manner.

This service will prevent the engine from over heating or boiling–over during hot climates, and keep the engine from freezing–up during extremely cold climates. The service also provides protection from corrosion and rust and will increase the lifespan of other vital engine components.

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