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Batteries & Start-Up

Believe it or not, your vehicle’s battery is actually one of its most sensitive components and should be visually inspected with every oil change. During a battery inspection we make sure of the following:

  • The battery is mounted securely (vibrations can rapidly decrease battery life).
  • The battery’s electrolytes are filled to the top. (If applicable)
  • Battery connections and contacts are clean and corrosion-free.
  • Check the battery’s charge.

Battery Replacement

We will remove the battery from the terminal cables and inspect the battery tray for possible damage and clean any corroded surfaces if necessary. For a replacement battery, we sell industry leader Interstate maintenance-free or low maintenance batteries. We always stock different series, so we’ll have the right battery to fit your vehicle’s specific needs.

Battery Terminal Cleaning

Having your vehicle’s battery terminals cleaned once a year can help prevent excess battery life drainage. What we do is remove the battery cables from the battery and clean the tapered posts and cable terminals using a terminal brush. We remove any dirt and corrosion from the hold-downs and battery tray using a wire brush. Finally, we coat the battery posts, cable terminals and hold-downs with a protective spray. If the battery terminals are beyond cleaning, we also have a battery terminal replacement service.

Average Battery Life in Months Graph

Why Choose Interstate®? Interstate is considered the automotive repair industries’ premier battery manufacture. Studies have shown that no automotive battery last longer than Interstate.

Interstate batteries feature:

  • A rugged, durable design for long battery life.
  • High-tech construction designed to withstand temperature extremes for reliable performance.
  • Increased reserve capacity, providing extra power for on-board accessories, computers and emergency power needs.

Midas is so confident with Interstate® we offer the Midas guarantee on several of their battery products.

Interstate Batteries
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