Automatic Transmission Service

An automatic transmission filter helps prevent harmful contaminants from entering the hydraulic system, where they can increase wear and cause scoring and sticking of hydraulic control valves. Additionally, if a major part fails inside the transmission, the filter may prevent pieces of that part from contributing to a more catastrophic transmission failure.

Generally, the automatic transmission filter and fluid should be changed periodically according to the intervals suggested in your owners’ manual. A good rule of thumb is two years or every 24,000 miles. At Midas, we offer a complete service that will maintain a healthy automatic transmission system.

What the service includes: Automatic Transmission Filter

  • Remove old transmission pan.
  • Drain old transmission fluid.
  • Remove old transmission pan gasket.
  • Remove old transmission filter.
  • Clean transmission pan and mounting surface.
  • Install new transmission filter.
  • Install new pan gasket.
  • Reinstall transmission pan.
  • Fill transmission with top quality transmission fluid.

This service will insure the life of your automatic transmission by keeping all of its parts clean, cool and lubricated. It will also provide smoother, more streamlined shifting.

Also, keep in mind that with newer models that feature semi–automatic (transmissions with the ability to be both “automatic” and “manual”) or “Tiptronic” transmissions, regularly maintenance is extremely important. The cost for repairs of these types of transmissions can often be expensive.

Semi-Automatic Transmissions Explained
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